Friday, April 5, 2013


I've never taken my ability to be a stay at home mom for granted. I have always taken it as a very serious job and I do my best everyday. Anyone who has been in my home knows I keep it clean. Always. A few friends have commented that they would "probably eat a meal in my bathroom"....I take pride in my home, and my "job". While I am NO WHERE NEAR perfect, I strive for it. I cook and clean, I help my husband, my kids, my dogs, and my friends. I will always be this person. 
This has just become second nature. I learn new things every day and I get bored easily. I have recently been going a little crazy in between trying to find a job for specific hours, and trying to find things to do at home..I got tired of the same ol' same ol' I started a little more (as my husband called it) "domestication." I have always been able to cook, bake, and do other DIY projects I just don't do the baking and projects as often as I should. 

I have found that I am much happier when I bake and project. I feel like I accomplished so much more during the day, I feel like I am making my family happy, and I feel like I haven't wasted an entire day. 

The last week I redecorated my downstairs for only 20 dollars. A few minor changes, a friend who was getting rid of some household items, some motivation and living room and dining room look brand new. 

Then I moved on to the project of re-doing my dining table and chairs. I reupholstered and painted. What a great project. I had great conversations with my friend "B". We laughed, cursed, and thought of many other projects we could do. My next project is throw pillows to finalize the living room...its really the only things missing...that and I think I need some sheer curtains to go in the middle of the curtains I put up!

Now I've started my attempt at making bread again. It's been YEARS since I have made bread and I definitely struggled in that area my entire domesticated life. I don't know why- I just have. 

But what better way to get better at something than to practice. I made my first "easy" loaf of bread....1. It's triple the size its supposed to be. 2. It never really "rose" 3. Its so dense. 
 It does taste I'm happy with the flavor. 

Next, I moved on to cinnamon rolls. My family LOVES cinnamon rolls. But it's so much cheaper to make a batch versus buying them.....their rising...well their supposed to be....I'm starting to wonder why I decided to dabble in the bread department. 

However, I did make homemade lemon squares and they are WONDERFUL!!!!! And my table project turned out AMAZING!!!!! So I have a lot to be proud of!! This bread is just kicking my tail. 

I'm getting bored being home considering my youngest is in school now, I am working on my 2nd Bachelors (but the work is too easy)....It's time for me to get a job. Or get serious about getting in shape. Either way...I'm making improvements in myself- making myself a better mother and a better housewife...once I conquer this bread making I will feel complete and will have to find a new challenge.

Until then...I'm going to watch paint dry, and watch bread rise...

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